What's It All About, eh?

Cape Breton evokes deep memories and strong emotions for me as well as a deep appreciation for the beauty of my adopted island. My hopes are that you too might find the photos evocative - maybe a view you've not enjoyed before, or an 'Oh I've been there', or if from away that you may be encouraged to visit this fair isle so that you might come to love and breathe Cape Breton as I do. One word about place names that I use - some are completely local usage while others are from maps of Cape Breton that I've purchased over the years. I frequently post travel and other photos that are of interest to me - and hopefully you.

On the right hand side bar find my take on Single Malt whiskey - from how to best enjoy this noble drink to reviews (in a most non-professional manner) of ones that I have tried and liked - or not. Also musings, mine and others, on life in general.

Photographs are roughly 98%+ my own and copy-righted. For the occasional photo that is borrowed, credit is given where possible - recently I have started posting unusual net photographs that seem unique. Feel free to borrow any of my photos for non-commercial use, otherwise contact me. Starting late in 2013 I have tried to be consistent in identifying my photographs using ©smck on all out of camera photos I personally captured - (I often do minor computer changes such as 'crop' or 'shadow' etc but usually nothing major), and using
©norvellhimself on all photos that I have played around with in case it might not be obvious. Lately I have dropped the ©smck and have watermarked them with the blog name.

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Entrance To Canal with rain and fog

Swing Bridge - II

The New Swing Bridge In Progress - St. Peters, Nova Scotia

Canada, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - breathes

In Days Gone By - the remains of the old faucet

Everything But The Kitchen Sink - or the black hole of upgrading by an itinerant

-  tried to put the new faucet in last year - but the fine art of plumbing and using a 'basin-wrench' (an ingenious but simple tool designed to tip week minds like mine over the edge) eluded me so this year I started sawing our shelves and supports to give me room to semi-claustrophobe myself as I wiggled in to see that I had been using the basin wrench so that it 'stopped' against the side of the sink which resulted in my bending the handle of same - but now that I knew the nonturning problem and the correct direction to exert my efforts I eventually removed the old, rusted, leaking, unhappy faucet of yesteryear.